Asset Five Group Limited, a public company, is committed to excellent corporate governance practices to ensure the sustainable growth of the company. We adhere to ethical, efficient, transparent management with social and environmental responsibility. This is aimed at fostering confidence among shareholders and stakeholders alike. We conduct our business responsibly within the framework of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).”

Drive Business for Sustainability

Sustainability Management Policy and Goal
The Board of Directors strongly adheres to the principles of good corporate governance management so that the Company can grow sustainably together with the management with ethics, efficiency, transparency, and socially and environmentally responsibilities to build confidence among shareholders and all stakeholders, including conducting business responsibly under the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) framework.
Business Operations Under Both Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies
The Company has a strategy for business growth both in the short term and long term but still remain flexible in adapting, taking into account all internal and external risk factors.
Business Operations With Transparency
The Company has a policy to conduct business with transparency and verifiability using ethical principles and resist fraud and corruption in all stages of business operations.
Business Operations With Consideration for Related Stakeholders
The Company has a policy to conduct business by emphasizing on minimal or no negative impacts towards stakeholders both near and far societies, in direct and indirect ways, and also strive to create mutual values with sincerity.

Business Operations With Environmental Responsibility

The Company has a policy to manage the use of natural resources for maximum efficiency as well as creating awareness in working to cause minimal or no impact on the environment and community. In addition to the implementation of the sustainable business development policy, the Company assesses and prioritizes sustainable business development issues according to issues that internal and external stakeholders focus on and consider together with risk factors and sustainability issues throughout the value chain by driving the organization in accordance with the 7 international sustainable development goals covering 3 dimensions: economy, society, and environment.