Asset Five Group of Companies was established on September 5, 2013 by Mr. Supachoke Panchasap, a young and energetic executive, with his experience in the real estate industry for more than 15 years, following a vision and commitment towards new types of real estate development which reflects the lifestyle of those living in the heart of city under the concept of “Urbanized Living”. In a bid to truly meet the needs of consumers for worthwhile and desirable living, the Company has been able to develop more than 8 real estate projects of exclusive styles in prime locations in just only 6 years.

The Company received “the Best Real Estate Developer of the Year” Award from “PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2019”, the most popular platform of real estate in Thailand, with the longest history in the real estate industry of Asia region.

The Company obtained a total of 4 awards as follows:



Best Housing Architectural Design (Bangkok)


Best Housing Development (Bangkok)


Best Recognition in CSR

Highly Recommended

Boutique Developer


The average annual value of “self-built home market group” is up to two hundred thousand million baht. One of the main factors for those wishing to own a self-build home is because the existing projects in the market cannot serve their needs. Nonetheless, the “self-built home” is difficult and time consuming. The Company realizes on this gap and has thus developed different projects to meet the needs and help solve problems of those customers in the  all-time changing of residence market.


Greatness inspired by Love

" We believe that love can inspire greatness of things."

Love comes from appreciating whatever we do. “Home” is one of the four important factors in a living of human life. No matter how much trouble or chaos outside, a home is not only a physical living place, but it’s a resting place for love, warmth and good memories. “Home is where the heart is.” Our  A5 team members put our heart to create a home for the best of our special customers, especially safety, convenience, and maximum satisfaction in all of our projects.


The Company aims to be a leader in the development of both horizontal and high-rise residential real estate, with commitment to develop and make a difference to customers who need more usable space than ever within a prime location, close to the city and office, as well as complete amenities at an affordable price under the concept of “Urbanized Living” to meet the needs in the market and the changing lifestyles of consumers who are looking for worthwhile residence based on the needs of living.


The performance of directors, executives, and employees is in accordance with the laws and code of ethics in business operations. Therefore, the business code of conduct has been created for everyone as a practice guideline or framework for their work. This business code of conduct is considered as an important evidence for sustainable business operations. It is a guiding principle for the performance of employees throughout the organization and the way of business operations towards the values and cultures among employees, in line with the mutual goals as specified by the Company, to enhance the reputation and image of the organization.

Mr.Supachoke Panchasarp

"I don't like being referred to as the owner's son, but I want to be an owner like my grandfather. Even though the path may be difficult, I want to create it on my own." This has been the unwavering aspiration of Supachoke Panchasarp since childhood, driving him to consistently expand his A5 business as it enters its 10th year. He is still determined to achieve the goal of making it into the top 10 real estate companies in the country in the next 5 years.


Assoc.Prof. Manop Bongsadadt
  • Chairman of the Board of Director
  • Independent Director
Mr.Supachoke Panchasarp
  • Director
  • Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • The Authorized Director of the Company
Mr. Chotikorn Panchasarp
  • Director
  • Executive Committee
  • The Authorized Director of the Company
Mr. Wallop Sripaisal
  • Chairman of Audit Committee
  • Independent Director
Mr. Puripat Chumtham
  • Audit Committee
  • Independent Director
Miss Sansanee Poolsawat
  • Audit Committee
  • Independent Director

Corporate Value

Core values of the organization

Examining the internal workings of the organization to increase sustainable growth through 5 core values

S ense of Ownership

“Work to the best of your abilities with high responsibility, as if you were the host. Prioritize the organization’s benefits above all else. Build relationships like building a home to live in. Serve with the kindness of a relative.”

G oal-Oriented

Work to the best of your abilities with high responsibility, as if you were the host. Prioritize the organization’s benefits above all else. Build relationships like building a home to live in. Serve with the kindness of a relative.”

P roactive

There is constant planning and review of plans. Looking ahead, we work proactively, preparing to address any challenges in advance to prevent and find solutions.

D evelopment

Maintaining a half-full mindset, I am consistently engaged in self-development to deepen my knowledge, understanding, and awareness in an honest and fair manner. Continuously improving and changing course towards better outcomes is a regular practice. Thinking beyond boundaries, I embrace a Growth Mindset.

S upportive

Collaborating as a team, we break down limitations and work without constraints. Supporting and pushing each other, we foster teamwork to achieve the organization’s primary goals. Based on the principle that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.
These values will lead the company to achieve its vision and mission, creating sustainable happiness for society, customers, the organization, and employees together.