The value of the work I do

The value in Branding is creating a sense of pride within the organization, making people in general feel positive about the A5 brand. Even if they are not customers or partners, they perceive the brand as having excellent principles. A5 is not just about building expensive houses; it’s a brand with a good philosophy. The value of my work is not only to make the brand known but also to make people feel good about A5.

Happiness at work for me

is because I work in Branding. Therefore, seeing colleagues proud to be part of the A5 brand, proud of the A5 brand, and witnessing homeowners, customers, and even people outside the industry admire and speak positively about the A5 brand, brings me joy. It is a great feeling when friends in the real estate sector or other companies express admiration when they hear that I work at A5. 

Chalinee Suwannachote
Assistant Marketing Manager